What a ride it’s been. Thank you to everyone who used Async over the years. We were surprised over and over by the unique creativity this platform attracted from artists, musicians and collectors. We started Async with the mission to create something wholly new for artists, a concept that fundamentally couldn’t exist without the blockchain. And in doing so, hoped it would spark new ideas, build communities, and inspire people to do more with NFTs than just own them. Looking back, we can confidently say we’ve achieved all those goals and will miss the community and artists that helped get us there. And although we’re saying goodbye, your art lives on as a testament to that.

We created this portal to allow anyone to continue to interact with Master/Layer based classic artworks. You can look up both Master and Layers by finding their token ID.

Thank you again from all of us at Async ❤️

Repository: https://github.com/asyncart/classic-art-editor

View Master Artwork

View the current state for any Async Art Master token.

Update Layer

Update the values for a Layer token that you own.


How do I find the Token ID for an artwork?

Find OpenSea page for the NFT you want to pull up. The last number in the URL is Token ID:

Where can I browse Master Artworks?

View all Masters on OpenSea here.

Where can I browse Layer Artworks?

View all Layers on OpenSea here.

How Can I Locate and Repin Content to IPFS?

See our article on this here.