Lake Garda... WabiSabi in Italy.Lake Garda Foreground.

Lake Garda Foreground.

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Lake Garda Foreground.

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Lake Garda... WabiSabi in Italy.Lake Garda... WabiSabi in Italy.
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Lake Garda, Italy (part of the WABI-SABI series). A series of elements extrapolated from my photography taken around Lake Garda in Italy during the autumn season. I spent about 2 weeks waking up very early in the morning to get the fog, the atmosphere and nature waking up to the new day.

It is important to understand that every element in each layer/state comes from one of the original photographs (about 1000) that I took on the same location (Lake Garda, Italy). I wanted everything to be in harmony. This is essential, because all the parts of this NFT artwork are relevant to the same location and not "abstract" insertions from unrelated photos or from some other material "picked up" on the internet. All what you see comes from my own photography. This layer has 6 States which can be changed by the owner of the layer.

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Master Artwork

Lake Garda... WabiSabi in Italy.

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