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Path to NirvanaPath to Nirvana
  • Lets you choose between different states.


The part of you that contains all of your deepest desires, darkest vices, and most primitive impulses. Suppressed by your Ego and Super Ego, this version of yourself seldomly comes out in the day light. It stays dormant during work hours, when you venture into the public space, and when you're around relationships that requires your better self. It only peeks its head in the black nights, when you're high on substance and debauchery; when you're around souls that fuels your Id... When Id surfaces, your mind feels liberated, you body feels charged. But Super Ego will without fail, bring in the guilt the next morning.

When you accept, forgive, and love all 3 parts of you, you can be at peace with each and learn to let go. The moment you truly becomes "SELFLESS", Nirvana is here!


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Master Artwork

Path to Nirvana

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