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Background Environments

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Background Environments

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Path of the MonolithPath of the Monolith
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The backgrounds symbolize our past, where we come from. The near or distant past that we're attached to, or trying to move from.

The Library is a source of knowledge, and an archive. It also can contain great fiction, enriching creativity and empathy. The Snowy Mountain is precarious and cold, but also breathtakingly beautiful, a great place for self reflection. The Skies are our connections beyond the known and the tangible world. It's also the hopes and dreams. The Crystal Cave is a place of healing, overcoming the pressure and difficulties making us stronger and magnificent. Sea is the wave of emotions and the endless subconsciousness. Forest is our connection to the nature, but can also represent our home. It's the primal instinct and the life force. However, it can also hide many mysteries and even darkness. Tech is the inevitable change and the path to many new possibilities and solutions.



2160 x 1819 px

Master Artwork

Path of the Monolith

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