Pixel Story

Pixel Story

Sparrow, BreadBreaker22, DinizBr ArtW, mlibty, Metageist, pxlpet, TS Moreau, PX99, CryptoKitties Team
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Updates every hour to reflect the special effects triggered by specific combination of emoticons of two nearby Kitties:
2 Hearts=New Sun, ETH vs BTC=Fighting


This happy-go-lucky tribe made of lovable pixel Kitties have so much to talk about. While their language skills are simplistic, each Kitty still manages to express themselves with a variety of colorful emoticons and poses. From communicating their basic emotions, to discussing the economic implications of rising Ethereum gas prices, Pixel Tribe Kitties will keep each other entertained for hours.

As their communications evolve and become more sophisticated, the inhabitants will come to realize that certain combinations of emotes will unlock secrets within their world. Try it out for yourself, if you're lucky enough to adopt a Kitty.

Use the coordinate guide at: to position your kitty Layer.

  • 1752 x 1752 px
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