It Takes A Village

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It Takes A Village



“It Takes A Village” is a homage to the neighborhood, an integral facet of daily life that is often overlooked. Neighborhoods consist of all types of characters that help bring it to life. Community is the fabric that unites us all. Celebrate each other and be a positive member of your neighborhood. Say hello, offer to lend a helping hand, talk to the animals, and keep an eye out for aliens. As the collector of this work of art you can customize the piece by controlling the amount of Franks, animals, and six different times of the day. How you compose the different states of each layer helps tell a story of a moment in time in the neighborhood.

We live in a world that is constantly shifting every second. Let's take a minute to celebrate the humanity that bonds all of us. Each Frank has it's own unique story, self-expression, and energy. Each day we cross paths, form new connections, and try to leave our positive mark on the world. Frank is an extension of everyone. Helping others helps everyone. Let's be Frank.

Frank Ape is a mystical creature who lives amongst the humans but without human restrictions. What started as a form of self-expression on the streets of NYC for artist Brandon Sines quickly turned into a movement for the people. Frank has special powers that he continues to discover as he is tested by the many challenges of life. Frank champions positivity and equality, and cares about all living things. He believes in using imagination and play to inspire other people and animals through thoughtful actions.


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1478 x 2160 px

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