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the Remixable Reclining Nude



A programmable lying woman. The traits of her mutable body are selectable from 6 art history masterpieces covering a span of 4 centuries:

Giorgione - Venere dormiente (1507-1510) Tiziano - Venere di Urbino (1538) Francisco Goya - Maja desnuda (1797–1800) Gustave Courbet - Femme nue couchée (1862) Amedeo Modigliani - Nudo sdraiato (1917-1918) Isaac Israëls - Reclining reading nude (1915-1922)

4 remixable layers with 6 states each for a journey to discover 1296 shades of sensuality, beauty and mystery, knowing that in every part of them there is the brushstroke of a master and the energy of his spirit and his time.

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2160 x 1440 px

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