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Working together in the present helps shape a brighter future.

TEAMWORK celebrates this idea visually and functionally.

Each layer owner controls three different states of their Frank, and one owner controls the color of the light.

Each state is an integral part in the process of working together: carrying the letter, placing the letter, and helping reach the light switch.

Layer owners collaborate to create thousands of possibilities (59,049 to be exact) all representing a facet of working together. Sometimes in perfect harmony, other times in glorious chaos, but always for the greater good of the community.

Frank Ape is a mystical creature who lives amongst the humans but without human restrictions. What started as a form of self-expression on the streets of NYC for artist Brandon Sines quickly turned into a movement for the people. Frank has special powers that he continues to discover as he is tested by the many challenges of life. Frank champions positivity and equality, and cares about all living things. He believes in using imagination and play to inspire other people and animals through thoughtful actions.

Ownable Layers

9 (see below)


2160 x 2160 px

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