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'Tenement' is simple concept that invites users to control the illumination of an urban building facade.

It is for anyone who has ever gazed out of a high-rise at night and wondered what the myriad of other inhabitants may be doing, and is meant to invoke the natural human curiosity that occurs when we see a light on in a building.

In the real world, within every apartment lies the day-to-day hopes, dreams, failures and successes of other people. Who are they? What could they be doing? If the lights are off, where might they be? Viewers are thus given the opportunity to suggest and imagine the stories contained behind each of the windows.

Apartment locations are assigned by grid running from A-G on rows and 1-6 on each column, with the position indicated on each thumbnail.

Each apartment can be lit with warm light, cool light, red/rose light or switched off, allowing layer owners to play or communicate through the various light states.


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42 (see below)


1920 x 1080 px

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