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Year of the 0x



The Guild began this project as a tribute to the Lunar Ox Year that coincides with the Ethereum bull run and astronomical explosion of NFTs as a medium. It is a work of struggle, of celebration, of premonition and of jubilation.

An initial composition of color was created by Shinji Akhirah which helped to inform the delegation of sections via a randomizer. Each artist was randomly assigned an area on the canvas to complete their part. This collaboration captures original artwork by 38 different artists - infusing each part of the piece with their own unique style to complete the 12 different animals and setting with the central focus being placed on the Ox ("0x" or "ZeroX" as he's occasionally referred to).

We present you with the "Year of The 0x" - a celebration of creativity, Chinese astrology and the globally collaborative CryptoArt movement.

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38 (see below)


2160 x 1600 px

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