24h CATastrophe Averted

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24h CATastrophe Averted



BRIEF: Abstract techno magical surrealist self-portrait with artist’s still-quite-feral kitty for Kitty Bungalow & Async Art.

BACKGROUND: In a world governed by straight lines and rigid thought, a gentle curve can be disruptive. A soft bit of fur & flesh can make an awful mess out of a clean but heartless machine.

INQUIRY: Proverbial wayward women (& kitties), hexes, vexes, and societal complexes: visually explore the symbolism, stigma, myth, and magic of feline & feminine forms as repressed elements within a rigid societal infrastructure through abstract techno magical surrealism. Further probe the unconscious with 24 unique variations of color & detail; ranging from subtle to drastic differences. (programmed to change every hour throughout a 24 hour period).

The juxtaposition of organic & digital shapes creates contrast and highlights the intrinsically awesome power of conscious endogenous life forms in the Universe — opening up room for broader meditation on the extant tension & interplay between the permanence of chaos & the impermanence of order — and how grounding our bodies IRL through physical connection & affection can anchor us, support us, and offer love when we are at our most vulnerable; fostering curiosity, play, resilience, and space for hearts to open, shift, and heal.

When viewed through different lenses, filters, or contexts, things, people, places, images, symbols, and ideas, can take on new meaning, depth, and texture. 24h CATastrophe AveRTed is a call to reflect, observe, witness, to be present with the unknown, with growth, change, and evolution under the sun. May this piece serve as reminder to pause & look deeper, to be slow to judgment; and above all, to be kind; to one another and, of course, to be kind to kitties — especially the wayward ones. <3

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3840 x 2160 px



Updates each hour in a 24-hour cycle.

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(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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