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Your religious beliefs, Over time, it will not be enough for your body and you will increase your dosage each time. You will lose your ability to question. You will become a stranger to the system you live in... you will believe in stoning women.. or you will start to think that the injustice you experience in societies that see religious administration will be eliminated in the hearafter. You will buy a place from heaven. You will be guided without realizing the power in your hand. You will knit yourself a black shroud while you live. Marx had thought well. Opium was a factor that would lead to violence in cold blood. This is the similarity with religion. This work; reflects the religious societies that blindfold themselves. Don't believe in anything so much that it completely kills your logic and put an end to some tragic events that have happened over millions of years. The power is in your mind.

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3762 x 3840 px



Updates four times a day to reflect sunrise / day / sunset / night cycles.

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(GMT+02:00) Athens, Bucharest, Istanbul

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