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Street Photography, Japan - ストリートフォトグラフィー



A series of 6 black and white street photos I took during my time in Japan (full descriptions below). The idea was to use the 24 hours autonomous template with only 6 images which change every hour. This way wherever you are you'll be able to enjoy the full set of images. The 6 photos are part of the series: "WABI-SABI: Acceptance of transience... The Beauty of things that are Imperfect, Impermanent, Incomplete." There are lots of details in these images. It is ideal to show this artwork on a large 4K screen. Please take the time to look at them on full screen. Thank you.


  1. "Wa": Harmony. The harmonious heart of the Japanese value system | Reflections... Into The Depth Of Life. KYOTO - I was standing behind the man with the umbrella taking a picture of his reflection on the window while he was looking into the shop at the two women working. The idea was to create something like a double exposure but within a single shot. Many layers in this image.

  2. “Satori”: Enlightenment. TOKYO - To attain Satori a person must get rid of all their desires and enmities at the source... This monk in the middle of the busy streets of Tokyo was completely detached from the chaos of daily life.

  3. "Reflect On Yourself, The Dance Of Man And God" KAMAKURA - The idea was to show "Man" as the small entity he is in comparison to the greater powers at play such as nature/universe/energy. The little man seems to be dancing in front of his God, which in reality is just a reflection of what he does not fully understand. I took this photograph with certain elements in mind:

  • the small man is in direct contrast with the large reflection of the Buddha (to balance it out).
  • the part of the Buddha at the top is the one missing in the reflection.
  • The "leading" lines of the pavements have been used to direct the viewer's attention to the "real" subject... the little man.
  1. “Mono no Aware”: Pathos. Contemplating the Fleeting Beauty and elegance in action. YOKOHAMA - My objective was to freeze the moment yet retain some movement on the main subject (the hair of the woman, the dress, the shoe) to make the photo more dynamic and interesting. Also, the woman walking out of frame was part of the intention, so that it appears she is leaving (this is not a crop but the full image). Please note that there is no model in this image - it is just someone walking by. All of these elements were combined to convey the idea of Fleeting Beauty and Elegance... no beauty will last forever, and the Sakura/Hanami itself is a symbol of the transience of beauty in Japanese culture.

  2. "Setsu": Transition. An important turning point in life. TOKYO - When I saw this couple leaving each other, I composed the shot using the phone boot to balance the white rectangle where the two people are standing.

  3. “Uchi to Soto:” Inside and outside social relationships. Who to share your feeling with. KYOTO - A street photography composition.

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