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Alison Jackson presents 24hrs in the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Jackson is a BAFTA and multi award winning artist who explores the cult of celebrity, using cleverly styled lookalikes depicting scenarios we have all imagined but never seen before

Jackson discusses ‘The Queen’ in more depth. She creates the works in the Chelsea streets & a roster of elaborate country estates. She, her crack team, and lookalikes are highly skilled at running from Police when they turn up unannounced for a photoshoot with ‘The Queen'.

00:00 Breakfast in Bed with Corgis The Queen wakes up every morning with her corgis, and breakfast.

01:00 Putting on Stockings The Queen never dresses herself.

02:00 Feeding the Corgis Always fed on a silver salver, never by a footman

03:00 The Footman plays with Corgis The Queen was a little tired this morning, so a footman had to take over

04:00 The Queen on the Loo You can’t imagine The Queen on the loo, but here she is! The location really disagreed to “The Queen”, so she snuck in...

05:00 Diana gives the Finger I was so nervous when I made this! Studying at the Royal College of Art, shortly after Diana’s death, I wasn’t allowed to make any work about Princess Diana! The ‘Royal’ college didn’t want to become the ‘College of Art’. It’s Diana saying ‘F*** You’ to the media for chasing her.

06:00 Walking with Camilla I always wonder what they discuss

07:00 The Queen watches her Horses Mate This was shot at a friend’s stud. My photo assistant and I were so shocked at the first ‘go’, no one took any pictures! We had to wait 30 mins for the stud horse to reload...

08:00 The Queen and Camilla Drink I think Camilla needs a stiff drink

09:00 Looking at Cards The Queen is the most popular celebrity in the world.

10:00 Catching the Bus One likes to do normal things

11:00 At William Hill The Queen can't resist racing! Here she is getting in a quick bet in

12:00 The Queen, Camilla and Kate at the Hair Salon Of course, The Queen has to keep her hair absolutely set

13:00 The Queen Shops at Tesco This was shot ‘guerrilla style’ I just turned up with ‘The Queen’ and my whole crew. Shot on Curzon Street, London

14:00 The Queen’s Selfie with Kim Kardashian I had to create a brand new wig for this, which cost around £10’000 to create

15:00 The Queen with Sir Elton John The real Sir Elton John, shot in his home in Las Vegas. He sang Dancing Queen and they danced together in his ballroom

16:00 Blowing out her Candles This cake had to be 1/2m wide in order to fit all 95 candles on it

17:00 Sunbathing in a Deckchair Relaxing at one of the most beautiful castles in England, Belvoir Castle

18:00 Royal selfie This was a nightmare shoot. None of my lookalikes actually look like the real person, it’s all about getting them in the right position. But as soon as one person was set up, the next had moved

19:00 The Family receive Gifts PDA from Harry and Meghan, and William and Kate representing the institution, as usual. Shot at The Director’s Institute

20:00 Celebrating with Champagne We opened 5 bottles of Champagne: it felt exactly like Christmas, despite shooting in summer

21:00 The Royal Family watches Oprah I envisaged a shocked scene whilst ‘The Firm’ watched Oprah’s interview. My Oprah lookalike is a dead ringer.

22:00 Queen with Marigolds This is my response to the public-fantasies around The Queen

23:00 The Queen Sleeping in Regalia The Queen is one of the busiest women in the world. She completes nearly 400 engagements a year, and she’s got to carry that Crown

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