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Proof of Concept contains a small square that can move to 19,522 locations using only two layers.

Dynamic non-fungible tokens of our time are still very much in their infancy. We are plagued with high transaction fees, smothered in centralization and limited in our technology. Our blockchain is off-chain. Those who can code thrive, while those who cannot are banished, alongside the ideas they will never be able to create. There are glimmers of hope though. A few individuals and entities have began sharing tools amongst the less knowledgeable, providing years of experience within what feels like days. This is life changing for a lot of us.

Proof of Concept has dimensions of 1920x1080 pixels. The grid space is 1880x1040 pixels, with each individual grid representing 10x10 pixels in width and height. This leaves 188x104 grids that the square can move to, which equates to 19,522 individual locations.

The three layers available in this artwork are: X-Axis, Y-Axis and Color. The X-Axis controls the x position of the square, while the Y-Axis controls the y position of the square. The Color controls the color of the square. There are two colors to choose from: gold and black. Gold is slightly special as it behaves like a gradient, changing brightness depending on the x position of the square.

It's worth noting that with an additional 2708 states (1732+976) added to the X-Axis and Y-Axis layers of this artwork, all 2,073,600 locations could have been available for the square to move to (assuming each individual grid had a dimension of one pixel). This was purposely not included. A few of these locations would move the square off the artwork, minor x and y changes would be unnoticeable and individual grid spaces would be impossible to distinguish from one another. It's also worth noting that with an additional two layers, and 768 states, all 16,777,216 colors of the RGB Color Model could have been available to choose from for the square. This was purposely not included as well.

Proof of Concept was created to answer one simple question: "Given the knowledge and tools available to me at this current time, can I move a square around an artwork without limitation on how many locations it can move to?".

The concept has been proven. It is possible.

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