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Turris Avium



The Tower of Birds has a story unlike any other...

Turris Vallis was known not for its beautiful valley of towers but, unfortunately, for its swarms of irritating birds that pooped on all the rooftops. Which caused a horrid smell. No one could do a thing about it. Not kings. Not emperors. Not queens. Not even skilled marksmen. Until one day a sorcerer arrived. He was on the edge of this world—almost passing into the next. He hadn’t wanted to travel through Turris Vallis, but there was no other option. While he lodged in the city he became infuriated with the birds. So, he cursed them and the city they flew around. As he uttered the magic words he breathed his last and passed into the next dimension. And the birds got sucked into the turret roofs, where they were doomed to squawk and squabble for the rest of eternity. You may think the city traded one terrible thing for another. But this was not entirely true. The sorcerer gave the city reprise at night. The birds would disappear. And be followed by an unearthly silence that allowed the townsfolk peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams.

This NFT changes how it looks based on the time of day. It has a different image for day, night, sunrise, and sunset. Size: 2160 × 3840px.


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2160 x 3840 px



Updates four times a day to reflect sunrise / day / sunset / night cycles.

Current Set Timezone:
(GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

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