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The Zen Garden



I am attempting to Show the Beautiful Simplicity of a ZEN Day! The Basic Forms and Shapes, Enticed from the Natural Settings and formless light. This should encourage a feeling of one with the images and the peacefulness and clarity of mind and spirit.

I find solace and humility in the pursuit of my own internal struggle. Where my discoveries of my personality flaws, my ever changing and evolving "Self" and the internal struggles with the "I" allow me to keep moving forward.

I hope this piece brings comfort and contentment to whomever views it and i hope they gain some comfort from knowing these artworks have been therapeutic for me to create. Please enjoy them for the purpose they where created, ZEN peacefulness, love and Joy.

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1664 x 1664 px



Updates four times a day to reflect sunrise / day / sunset / night cycles.

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(GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

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