Still Life on Niche

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Still Life on Niche



Using three recurring elements from my work, I set out to develop another exercise on light and how it affects the mood of a scene, through a year of iterations.

Given the impossibility of representing the 'light' of a specific month, I tried to capture the atmosphere through the light, with its colours, it's shadows or its vibrancy. Even though the elements remain the same, each month there's a new scene manifesting changes related to a certain month; wether by reason (the known angles of the sun on specific times for ex.) or emotion (the use of a symbolic colour to express a season), the scene is always changing in accordance to an idealized seasonal cycle (taking place in a temperate climate of the northern hemisphere.)

The images change at the 21st of each month, and during each season the camera focus will incide on one of the elements: an egg for the Winter Solstice and a skull for the Summer Solstice, while the Equinoxes are marked by a focus on the idol standing in between them.

It's a still life, but also a meta-shrine that connects us to another form of time.

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