Phase Space #2: Divergences

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Phase Space #2: Divergences



Our heroes have made it to civilization with their boon! Ogdai and Kallah are to meet with a master spiral arm teacher, Enki, to learn the next steps of their initiatory journey. The Hierarchical Capital is a busy place however, populated with dangers and delights, and doesn’t allow our heroes anything like an easy victory!

Master Sale Includes One (1) Free NFT Ticket Redeemable for a Physical Print of this piece. The state of the Master at Time-of-Redemption will be used to create the Physical Print. More details found in the description of the NFT Print Ticket itself.

State of the Master at 2/21/2021 9:00PM PST will be used to continue the story for Phase Space #3. Explore options and choose wisely!


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20 (see below)


2048 x 1146 px

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