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This is a digital oil painting with multiple layers and combinations, as adapted from an original photograph I took while on Safari in the Serengeti in Tanzania, Africa.

From a distance, we could see a solitary Acacia tree with a beautiful leopard resting in a branch. As my lens settled in on the tree I could see the heat coming off the ground and the vast empty plains in all directions. For the leopard, this was her refuge. She was able to nap despite the nagging flies and wind, perhaps too tired to care, her legs hanging off the branch. She was alone but in her element. As we drove away into the empty plains I reflected on the moment and felt grateful. The struggle of life exists for creatures great and small. A tree in the Serengeti captures the gift of life, and the strife of nature.

There is one Legendary edition that will be minted as a finished copy of the original photograph.

The remaining editions are hand-painted in Adobe Fresco. I wanted to capture the beauty, diversity, and patterns I witnessed and be able to share that through a multitude of layers that could represent this moment in time, one that stays with me.

Original photograph taken with a Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 lens on a Nikon D800 DSLR camera body. The RAW 8K image was postprocessed in Adobe Lightroom before being exported to Adobe Fresco to apply layers of digital oil using an Apple Pencil as a brush and iPad as a canvas.

Richard Dixon loves you.

No Editions minted yet.

No Editions minted yet.