the generative KINGS of ART


Art history meets the blockchain

The rediscovery and redefinition of traditional classical art in a contemporary interpretation in the NFT era characterize my artistic path, which combines the spirit and styles of past masterpieces with new digital techniques. These generative tokens are the evolution of "the Remixable" series released on Async.Art Gallery since september 2020.

Unique NFTs generated by the remix of 10 paintings by masters of the history of Art: Antonello da Messina - ritratto d'uomo (1475-76), Sandro Botticelli - alleged self-portrait (1475), Raffaello Sanzio - ritratto di Agnolo Doni (1506), Tiziano - ritratto di Carlo V (1533-35), Sofonisba Anguissola - ritratto di Alessandro Farnese (1560), Caravaggio - Bacco (1596-98), Rembrandt - self portrait (1640), Giovan Battista Tiepolo - frescoes in the Würzburg residenz, detail (1751-53), Paul Cézanne - portrait de Victor Chocquet (1876-77), Vincent van Gogh - self-portrait (1889)

  • rare traits from 'Satoshi Nakamoto' face as the symbolic father of Bitcoin and blockchains.

618 tokens edition out of 3513840 possible generative iterations 2 styles, 14 layers with varying degrees of rarity 3 animated MP4 legendary editions 1200x1200px png portraits

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No Editions minted yet.