Strange Fruit

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What are these Strange Fruit?

Inspired by the surreal and fascinating fruiting bodies of slime molds, this collection of fantastical images comes in 6 different varieties (types) along with 2 legendary editions. If you are lucky, you will mint one with a Creature Feature!

Yellow - 25% Blue - 25% Pink - 25% Amor Azul - 15% Obsidian - 7% Unicorn - 3%

Each color type contains 9 layers, 7 of which have multiple states. Some states only come up once in a pink moon!

Made with love in Denver, Colorado.

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions693
  • Minting Price0.06 ETH
  • Legendary Editions3
  • Unique Combo Count11 thousand
  • Dimensions3072x3840px

Contract Details

  • Blueprint TitleStrange Fruit
  • Token StandardERC-721
  • BlockchainEthereum
  • Contract ID47
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