First Words

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What if rarity was based on who owns the NFT instead of its traits ?

First Words generates an imaginary conversation between you and another owner. A snapshot of a moment in time including thoughts and emotional reactions to the conversation.

Where the magic happens is the bottom right corner. Each blueprint has embedded a three digit number that is randomly generated at mint (777 Max). That means at birth, every piece creates a connection between two owners.

For example, you minted "Words #333" and inside your blueprint #777 was generated. You are now connected to whoever minted "Words #777".

What you do with that connection is up to you.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if the answer to “how did you meet?" was "randomly generated digital art” ? What if your blueprint is connected to XCOPY's mint ? Would it be worth more for that reason alone?

There is different ways to interpret and experiment with First Words, but I recommend starting with the following:

Once you minted yours, find who you are connected to, and tweet at them a compliment. Maybe you like an idea they shared, a new art piece, or they have an awesome profile pic.

Start with kindness, you never know where it takes you.

No Editions minted yet.

No Editions minted yet.