Art Blueprints

Blueprints are collections generated from a single source. Only a limited number of Editions — each of them provably random and unique — can be minted from any Blueprint. Think of Blueprints as a standard layered Async artwork that allows collectors to mint their own 1/1 combination.
And now, Art Blueprints may include an audio element as well!

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The Orc Tavern

The Orc Tavern by turmusov

What does give its meaning to the music? Yes, it’s the silence, my brother. So what about the paintings? Is it black and white? Or is it the nothing? Or life? Nonexistence? Whatever, we are not here to give meanings to things. We are "meaning". We are the brotherhood that breaks the silence with our voice, that fills the nothing with our colors and that honors the life with our existence! That rides towards a new Era!


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5001100.01 ETH
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