Five Chinese Artists
In Celebration of the Lunar New Year

Five Different Projects

“Disappeared Movement” by Deng YuFeng

Born in Hubei province in 1985, YuFeng graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Hubei province in 2010. He currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

“Disappeared Movement” by Deng YuFeng

His Async Art work, “A Disappeared Movement,” is a 24-hour performance art piece, created with the help of numerous participants, a motion-tracking diagram, guide map, reflective belt, and photography.

The project, as a work in progress
The project, as a work in progress
Field investigation
Field investigation

It's a project in which the artist acts as a guide and leads the participants to disappear from Xingfu Street. It was launched in 2020, in which the artist spent six months investigating the surveillance in the Xingfu Street district in Beijing. He delved into the blind spots of each surveillance camera, creating a set of maps that enable participants to avoid surveillance, and releasing it to the public for free.

Motion-tracking diagram
Motion-tracking diagram

Later, a fire of widespread social controversy was ignited due to the reports from multiple world media such as BBC, SCMP Hong Kong, France Télévisions, The Globe and Mail, The Times, Dutch Telegraph, Tokyo Shimbun, etc. Subsequently, the Chinese government intervened, investigating all participants of the art project and giving them admonition. Since then, reports and exhibitions of 'A Disappeared Movement' have been banned in China.

Worldwide pressWorldwide press
Worldwide press

Bid on “A Disappearing Movement” starting on January 31, 2022, only via Async Art.

“DATA ENCOFFINER” by Gao Wenqian

Gao Wenqian was born in Shandong, China, and now lives and works in Beijing. He graduated from the Printmaking Department of China Academy of Art in 2013, and then graduated from Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Paris) in 2019.

“DATA ENCOFFINER” by Gao Wenqian

He likes to explore the boundary between human and technology, through studying the link between different media. His works often use time as the entry point, and through various means, he produces images that border between the real and the virtual. He also often introduces the concept of 'fugue' in animation art to explore the contradiction and connection between machine and human.

He is mainly engaged in the creation of digital video, experimental animation, and interactive installation. He likes to find the channel between old and new media by using the method of technological archaeology. His works have been exhibited in art festivals and film festivals around the world, including the China Independent Film Festival, Berlin International Short Film Festival, Emerging Artist of the Year, Art11 New Art Creation Award, and Jury Special Recommendation Award.

“This work explores the issue of digital heritage that has arrived. I imagined the profession of a data encoffiner, looking at people's data from her perspective. The digital legacy carries the memories, joys and sorrows of the deceased...

Following the trail of data, we follow the path of the data grave, exploring the secrets of the depths of one's memory.”

Bid on “DATA ENCOFFINER” starting on January 31, 2022, only via Async Art. View more from the artist at his website:


Kicking off 2022 with Async Art special Chinese New Year collaboration, Tara Liang launches her first NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain.


Based in Hong Kong, she is an illustrator, a gardener, a cat babysitter, a plush-toy collector, an irrational consumer, and a PR at a contemporary art gallery.

Of her artistry and inspiration, she explains: “just like how 'Chibi Maruko Chan', 'McDull' and 'The Sound of Your Heart (Story of Jo Seok)' have brought me so much laughter and happiness growing up, I draw with simple purposes to use images to document things and express mood in the mundane life, to put a smile on your face, and to make you go 'yeeeeee' and 'awwwwww.'

On her Async Art piece: The Tiger is the third sign in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac, representing strength, power, courage, and ambition. These generative Editions incorporated cartoon Tigers with symbols of good luck, happiness, health, wealth, fortune, and prosperity, as well as Mandarin pun greetings and phrases with 'tiger' that are commonly used during Chinese New Year.

People from Fujian, Mainland, are known for not being able to differentiate 'F' and 'H' in Mandarin pronunciation, eg. 'tiger' (Hu) sounds similar to 'blessing, good fortune' (Fu), hence the terms 'zhu hu (fu)' (tiger greetings) and 'hu (fu) xing gao zhao' (tiger star shining in the sky). 'hu nian da ji' means good luck in the year of the tiger, 'nian' (year) pronounced the same way as 'stick, glue', and 'ji' (good luck) sounds similar as 'ju' (orange), so the tiger is hugging the oranges in the image.

One of the most popular CNY greetings is to wish people wealth and good fortune; 'ru hu tian yi' originally means tiger with wings, doubled/strengthened/reinforced power. 'Yi' (wings) sounds the same as 'hundreds of millions', by replacing the word, and having a tiger carry a money bag with 'yi' (hundreds of millions), the new phrase and the image is a perfect new-year wish for fortune. Other symbols of wealth include the money tree, and fortune cat with waving hands, here replaced by a tiger (after all, they are just big cats).

Bid on “NEW YEAR TIGEROAR” starting on January 31, 2022, only via Async Art.

“gN (dReamM^16) Gm” by WeirDAO

WeirDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization of independent crypto artists, an ark of all crypto punk artists. WeirDAO aims to foster communication, mutual support, and collaboration among crypto artists and between crypto artists and projects, promoting the art punk movement and defending the purity and independence of art.

WeirDAO was founded on July 14, 2021, by co-founders Reva, Sleepy, IOYOI, and Niq.

The purpose of WeirDAO is to freely collaborate and help each other.

Original members of WeirDAO include some of the top NFT artists from China: Reva, Kefan404, Sleepy, Niq, Baiwei, IOYOI, RiniiFish, Cecilia Goose, YuqianSun, Easyjet, Xi.

“gN (dReamM^16) Gm” by WeirDAO

This artwork changes autonomously every 12 hours to represent the day/night cycle. WeirDAO gave their participating artists the theme of dreams. Get some insight into all the different elements in this piece from each one of the artist collaborators, below.

Reva: “The day and night versions of this work come from two impressive dreams of mine. The daytime version is an image of a flock of birds. In the dream, I fell from the air to the surface of the sea. The fragments of sea waves turned into a flock of birds. They flew towards me, and the whirl of the birds' wings carried me high up into the air again. Then I fell again, all things repeated.

The night version is a dream of aliens attacking, and I saw red light all over the sky when I was fleeing in an empty square. Countless spaceships were flying in the sky, and they were all in the shape of paper airplanes.”

kefan404: “Many of the elements in this work have appeared in previous works, coming from direct copying of my own dreams, and there is a great fear that one day I will be struck by my own subconscious mind in retaliation.”

Ellwood: “On January 9, 2022, I dreamed of a religious organization called Mllfinity, whose patron deity is an Apis-like bull god standing before a temple of infinite fractals. The bull-god had two eyes, located on the head and the buttocks, which were closed during the day and open at night.”

Riniifish: “I can touch repeating dreams at different points of time, not sticky, and not a death cycle that scares me. Every time I look at them, running playfully, falling down, and subsequently being wrapped in dust.”

IOYOI: Giraffe: I seem to be in a dream world (daytime); Headless Giraffe: My body is about to pull away (nighttime)

CheeseTalk (Yuqian Sun): “Thanks to late nights, my brain is more active at night in the usual sense, and peaks just before I fall asleep, with a half-asleep brain that can travel through the stars. Daytime is when I actually replenish my energy.”

Cecilia Goose: “The butterfly, an insect that moves in the daytime, has a harmless appearance. For the doll, the night is the time to wake up from the dream. The gentle and timid look of the day fades away as the moon rises, her forehead grows horns, her eyes turn fierce, and the weapon in her sleeve is the young snake she once saved. With great power, she can forever guard this land.”

Xi: “I wanted to add an element of sports in this creation, and eventually the dream came up with a combination of basketball and plush elves, a somewhat abrupt mix that I really liked.”

easyJet©Wong: “There is no physical space to be smashed, there is no war in public space, people become translucent powerless digital fur, dream people dream again that I am a Bomb Thrower, holding in my hand I can't throw it. Arms out. From unclear day to murky night.”

View more from the artist:

Loxel Li: “Two sleepers — day and night are sleeping on both sides. For me, they are [having] different dreams during the day and night. The color of dreams is different. From the beginning of dreams, there are creatures growing quietly, which is the recombination of consciousness at the origin, perching and crawling beside the sleeping person.”

Bid on “gN (dReamM^16) Gm” starting on January 31, 2022, only via Async Art.


Zeng was born in 1994 in Jurong, Jiangsu, and attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2015 and studied at the School of Visual Arts, New York, receiving his master's of Video and image. The artist currently works and lives in Shanghai.

The artist, Chen Zeng
The artist, Chen Zeng

“The work of Zeng mainly focuses on the existence and interaction of the concept of the virtual era in the new context and the discussion of authenticity, applying different forms of artificial intelligence technology, trying to explore the new collaborative mode of art and technology. The works are created and cross-border in the form of any digital media output or dissemination.

As a practitioner of cross-field culture and an actor who breaks the boundaries between art and business, he has collaborated with many stars, musicians, many commercial brands and organizations in visual works, and participates in public art dissemination with multiple identities.”


On his Async Art piece: “The sphinx originated from ancient Egyptian mythology. It was a winged monster, usually male. There were three types of sphinx in the legend at that time — the Androsphinx with the human face and lion body, the Criosphinx with the head of the sheep, Hieracosphinx with the eagle head. Assyrians and Persians describe the Sphinx as a winged bull with a human face, beard and crown. The variety of forms is the starting point for the artist to choose Sphinx as the layer dismantling.

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx sat on a cliff near the city of Thebes, stopped passers-by, and asked them with a riddle taught by the Muses, and those who could not guess right would be eaten. This riddle is: 'What animal walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs at night?' Oedipus guessed right. The correct answer is 'human.'

The human face of the sphinx symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. It is said that the mystery of the Sphinx is expressed on a deeper level as 'fear and temptation,' that is, 'real life.' From the artist's point of view, the Sphinx is also helping people understand people themselves. The artist's series of sculpture works all use AI to participate in 3D modeling.

The separate body elements in this Programmable Art came from the results given by this AI program under different parameters. The artist believes that the process of studying AI generation logic is also an attempt to understand people themselves, to understand the process of creativity.”

Bid on “SPHINX WITH WINGS” starting on January 31, 2022, only via Async Art.

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