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What's old is new again! Inspired by 20th Century coin-operated jukeboxes, this piece reimagines what a jukebox could be in the 21st Century with the advent of blockchain-based programmable music.

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Explore historical recordings of this Master Track to preview different ways it can sound.

Want to mint your own recording?

First you’ll need a Blank Record. Each Master Track has a limited supply that is exclusively compatible with it. A Blank Record allows you to record the current state of a Master Track at any time. This transforms the Blank Record into a unique collectible Recording like you see above.

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What is async music?

This is music with the ability to change its composition. It may sound different each time you come back to listen. This is achieved by breaking down a song into separate layers called Stems. Each Stem has multiple Variants for its new owner to choose from. In this way, a single Async Music track contains many unique combinations of sounds.

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