Phonons is an Async Music piece composed of 7 individual stems, each one of them capable of 5 interchangeable variants. A Phonon can be described as a unit of vibrational energy that arises from oscillating atoms within a crystal. The vision behind this piece is to to represent the cycle of life, evolution, discovery, mutation and conflict through sound. Each stem in each of its variants plays an equally important role in achieving this transformation by blending, fusing and at times clashing with its counter-particles. This track is designed to loop endlessly: its end reconnects with the beginning in a perpetual cycle.

PULSE is the beginning of the voyage BREATH is the first contact with reality MASS is where particles expands, experience and grow TRANSMUTE represents the ability to change, morph and reinvent ANTI-MATTER is absence of tone, a negative space where noise and disruption take center stage

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What is async music?

This is music with the ability to change its composition. It may sound different each time you come back to listen. This is achieved by breaking down a song into separate layers called Stems. Each Stem has multiple Variants for its new owner to choose from. In this way, a single Async Music track contains many unique combinations of sounds.

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